[K-Beauty Full Review] Club Clio Goodal Waterest Skincare Line

by - March 21, 2018

Hi! Today I'll be reviewing several products from the Waterest line from Goodal (under parent company Clio).

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Line Review

Summarizing, these are the main claims and characteristics of this line:
  • Provides superior, long-lasting moisture
  • Non-sticky and fast absorbing
  • Ideal for dull and dry complexions. Has softening benefits. 
  • Contains different flower extracts (mainly lotus flower) and other beneficial ingredients (hyaluronic acid, jeju oxygen water, etc.)
I have dehydrated skin and in the winter my skin gets particularly dull so I thought this would be a nice option for the cold months. 

I bought the main four products of the line and I'll be talking about the four of them in the order they are supposed to be used. Let's start with the Waterest First Essence:

Club Clio Goodal Waterest First Essence Review

The smell of all the products in this line is fresh and not overpowering. This essence was very liquid-y as usual for first essences and lightly moisturizing (definitely not moisturizing enough on its own). Sadly I dropped the bottle when I was half through it and it shattered so I couldn't get pictures of the actual product. Talking about packaging, all the bottles are made from thick hard plastic, not shatter-resistant though, as you can realize from my incident. 

Waterest Lasting Water Oil:

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Lasting Water Oil Review

Despite having oil in its name, it's not an oil at all! As the line name implies, all of these products -this included- tend to be very "water-like" as in they don't leave any kind of heavy or oily residue and do absorb quickly as the brand claims. This product is thicker than a toner but still quite runny and watery. It adds moisture but definitely not a crazy amount, I'd still need the next steps for my skin to be plump. 

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Lasting Water Oil Review

Waterest Emulsion:

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Emulsion Review

This emulsion is nothing out of the ordinary, just another plain emulsion. It's light and runny, super easy to spread. It feels quite refreshing and it's not oily at all. During winter I had to pair it with at least another product to get enough moisture. But it could work nicely on its own for oilier skin types during summer.

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Emulsion Review

Waterest Water Cream:

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Water Cream Review

This is the only product that comes in a pot and well, it's not my favorite packaging. I wish they at least included a little spatula for hygiene like other brands do *sigh*... but anyways! This is a very unique cream as it doesn't look like your regular cream. This is a clear, runny gel, quite jiggly too. I didn't feel this was a great occlusive but just another light, fresh layer of moisture. Though this would work nicely on its own when I didn't want many products on my skin, if you're looking for something very heavy duty I'd skip this one.

Club Clio Goodal Waterest Water Cream Review

Overall, though I don't have anything strongly negative to say about this line I can't say I was impressed. The products did moisturize my skin, but that was it. It wasn't even that superior, long lasting moisture I was expecting from their claims, I feel that any cheap generic moisturizer could do the same as this line. Though after using them in my night routine my skin looked slightly plumper, the effect usually faded soon and when I woke up it didn't feel moisturized, softer or any less dull than before.

They do feel nice and fresh on the skin so I think they could suit people with good skin just looking for something refreshing that absorbs fast without oiliness. I would only repurchase the Water Cream because it's nice and very easy to use by itself under makeup during the day, but only if it was on sale. They're not that cheap either!

I hope this was useful! Feel free to ask any questions if you have them :)

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