[Japanese Magazine Scans] Gisele, Spring & Ginger: Fall and winter trends

Hi! Today I have scans from Ginger, Spring and Gisele, which are great magazines for a more mature/classic style yet pretty feminine and chic. These pages offer great inspiration for autumn and the beginning of winter, both in fashion and beauty. Hope you enjoy them!

[Japanese Magazine Scans] Vivi November 2017 Issue - Image heavy

Hi! It's been a while. I'm a big fan of japanese fashion magazines, they're rich in outfit inspiration and the latest trends. Sadly, I've noticed that it's harder to get scans nowadays so I've decided to obtain them myself and in case anyone is interested too, I'll be sharing them here.

Let me know if you have any other mag requests! I'll see what I can do. For now, here are selected beauty and fashion pages from ViVi Magazine.